Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our list of frequently asked questions to find out answers to topics regarding employment with Dental Staffing Consultants.

Am I allowed to apply for jobs on my own?

Absolutely! We encourage you to be proactive with your job search. We want you to be able to give yourself the best opportunity to find a position.

How often will I be able to work?

The nature of this business is very unpredictable so it is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. The more flexible the applicant is with their rate, availability or travel time etc. the more likely their will be more assignments available to you.

What can I expect when I call Dental Staffing Consultants?

We are in our physical office Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, you can always reach us 24 hours a day, as our phones are always monitored to provide our clients with prompt service.

Do you interview the candidates?

Yes. We interview each candidate that is apart of our team. We do an initial phone screening with every applicant. When applicable, we do face to face interviews.

Our office is not located in Texas. Can you still service us out of state?

Yes! We take pride in being able to provide quality dental staffing across the nation. We are able to accomplish this task by our thorough interviewing process. It is our goal to build reputable relationships with our applicants and dental offices. We accomplish this by task by reviewing the applicants work history, reference checking and our very own Dental Staffing Consultants system.

What happens to my resume’ once it has been submitted?

Our recruiters will review your qualifications and experience to best determine which position will be a suitable match based on our clients requirements.

Who can see my resume' once it is submitted?

Initially Dental Staffing Consultants will be the only people allowed to view your resume’ unless their is a match regarding your requests for employment. At this time we will share your qualifications with the potential employer.

How long will it be after submitting my resume’ will I get a response?

The office determines their needs for temp. or permanent assignments; it is our goal to get our candidates working in the dental field in the shortest time possible.

Am I required to do temporary assignments?

No, however this is a great way to gain working experience and earn extra income while you are on the quest for a dental home.

How will I be compensated?

Once the contract is signed from both parties dental office and subcontractor; we  will notify you on all of the details prior to the working assignment.